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About Us
Welcome to Pertheseries.com.
Kyle (CruizinEB) formed the forums on the 26th of September in 2005 with 9 members signing up on the day. We steadily grew to hundreds of members to become one of the most active car-only forums in WA. From the birth of the forums we vowed to not only keep the virtual aspect alive but to ensure we also had a social side. Since 2005, pertheseries.com has been running monthly cruises, meets, spontaneous cruises, bbq’s and drag meets.
Pertheseries.com welcomes EVERY e-series falcon (from 88-98), ute or panel van (XG-XH) whether it be a show car, your pride and joy and even your bunky if you need advice for it. Our members come from all walks of life including the odd copper or two and own vehicles including turbo e-series, v8 e-series, worked 6’s, stockers and anything between.
Being a West Australian only forum becomes handy when looking for parts, advice and social events. Another benifit of having e-series enthusiasts on the site means decent advice is freely available, gather ideas on how to improve your own e-series.

Our forum is a great place to hang out, you can shoot the breeze in the chit chat section, upload your ¼ mile time in our database, create a user garage with details and photos of your pride and joy, browse the feature car articles, offer and ask for advice, play online arcade games and of course use the for sale section if you need to offload anything or see if you can snap up a bargain (we regularly have users who wreck vehicles).
We currently have a staff of 11 who cater for the online forum;
-          Kyle (CruizinEB )
-          Paul  (cominthru )
-          Anton (blu falc )
-          Fran (blueovalchick )
-          Justin (delta )
-          Carl (ED40 )
-          Sean (kizzer )
-          Rob (Serge )
-          Reece (RMCprime )
-          Craig (Cy4NiD3 )


      -    Seon (class ed )
Please enjoy our site and respect our members.

Feature Cars

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cominthru :: Obsessive, Sneezy, Customed, EB
EARAKE :: from stock EA to a Powerhouse EA!
scottiesxr8 :: The Your Mine XR8 Streeter!
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