Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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EARAKE - from stock EA to a Powerhouse EA!

from a stock EA to a Powerhouse EA!


The following is an interview carried by myself and Luke (EARAKE),
This interview will give you an insight into how this powerhouse got started, and also what is next for this head turner!!!

Why did you chose to buy an E-Series and More specific the EA?

I didn't really have a choice of car. the EA was given to me for my 16th birthday present from my parents.. after fixing it up and driving it, it kind of grew on me and that's where it started.

What was your EA like When you first got it?

The car was bought for $500 and came with a burnt out clutch and no registration. it was a 1 owner so it was pretty straight from the beginning. it was sky blue, stock as a rock with a T5 gearbox.

What plans did you have for your EA in the beginning?

I always wanted it lowered and i had plans for a V8 conversion later. but after scoring some 17" wheels cheap decided it was time to go ahead with it all. at 1 stage the car was lowered with with an exhaust and 17's but i wanted more so i went looking for a body-kit. nine months later i found one that would make me look different to any other E-series.

What are you planed future modifications?

I should be getting an MSD ignition soon, and I'm starting work on the interior at the moment. Maybe an upgrade to the sound system and some bigger wheels would be nice. Maybe some nitrous later on next year

When do you see the end of moding for your EA?

Although I'm happy with the car at the moment I'm sure there will be some changes later on. i don't think i can see the end of modding my car. i have the bug!


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