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Event Rules
All though I'm sure we all enjoy some spirited driving, our cruises & Meets are exactly that, cruises & Meets. Please reserve your enthusiasm for more appropriate times/places. You must realise that your driving habits amongst the group represent the whole group. Unfortunately the general public & Police do not tend to differentiate one person’s actions from the group and tarnish everyone with the same brush as a result. Anything deemed recklessly dangerous will be noted and numberplate's shall be taken. Repeat offenders will have their numberplate details handed over to the proper authorities.

The Perth E-Series Forum and its organisers take no responsibility for any illegal activities that may/may not occur at any Perth E-Series's Event. This is why the following Rules/recommendations are imposed upon people.

Perth E-Series Forum is Recommending these driving practises
Basically abide by the standard road rules & don't do anything stupid, for instance:
- No burnouts, drifting, donuts or other associated illegal activities
- No Speeding or Racing
- No drink driving
- No Reckless driving of any sort

For your own safety and other road users, we also strongly urge you to adhere to the Car Safety Suggestions.

Perth E-Series Forums Car Safety Suggestions
- Please try & ensure that your car is at least Road Worthy condition.
- Please try & ensure all parts of your car are in good working order (Brakes, Steering, Lights, Tyres etc.)

Recommended cruising practises
- Ideally purchase a map and have someone navigate for you during the cruise and or Meet.
- Do not take a lead position if you don’t know where you are going, pull over and let other cruisers past and resume cruising behind someone who has a map/knows where they are going.
- If turning left/right, and another cruiser (or any road user) is in the wrong lane, please be courteous and let them in.

Persistent/Repeated behaviour that goes against above recommendations may result in the following:
1. You will be spoken to regarding the matter
2. You will be warned
3. You will be asked to leave and told you are not welcome.
- Depending on the severity of a 3rd breach:
* You may also be suspended from the forums and/or banned
* You may be fully reported to the Police
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