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General Chat Area Rules

Welcome to the General Chat area of pertheseries.com! First, make sure that you understand the Forum rules. Please try to understand the forum rules clearly before you begin to post.
Many people ask the question, "What do you mean by spam?" Well, spam means something that is useless, and has no effect what-so-ever. This forum is for general chat, about everyday things. However, it doesn't mean that you can post anything. Rules still apply. Different topics relate to different people. A Web Designer may not like what a School Teacher has to discuss. Try to keep an open mind.

* Post Counts - Mean a lot to people. Just because you have 200 posts doesn't mean that you have an advantage over a new member. 200 of your posts may contain a smiley, or the word "lol". Remember, if you only reply when you have something interesting to say, then people will respect you as a member.

* Personal Messaging System - Is a great way to talk. Instead of making a topic such as: "Bill, Let's Talk Here!" you should be able to use the PM system as a means of chat. Don't create topics for just a member to chat on. Also, we do not tolerate any harassment. If we catch word that you or another member is harassing people, we will investigate.

* Junk Topics - Are something that is considered to be random or completely off topic. If a member is talking about the news that's happening around the world, please don't reply to their topic and state "I hit a sign with my car" We don't tolerate random replies or meaningless topics.

Introducing SCRAP

SCRAP is our version of a guide to posting. Before you begin to post, just simply take note of these five things:


* Simplicity - Is your post simple and clear enough for other members' to understand and read? Please make all of your topics clear, and easy to follow. Otherwise, it may be trashed.

* Content - Is the content of your post or reply something that is suitable and will be tolerated on the forums? We don't appreciate any racial comments, or something that violates the Forum's rules. Also, make sure that your content appeals to all members. Remember to not make anything that is vulgar.

* Respectful - Are you being respectful to the other members and the staff? Don't use bad language to another member, or create problems with the staff. Keep an open mind and be a good person.

* Attitude - Are you having a bad day? If so, don't take it out on anyone else. A good attitude will keep you in the clear, and other members will respect you for it. Be sure you check your attitude before you begin to post.

* Politeness- Be polite to the other members. Just because their new and you have been around for a while doesn't mean that you can boss them or tell them what to do. You were new at one point, too. They may be a big help after all.


Remember that the staff may remove oversized or vulgar signatures as well as avatars at any point in time. We may not tell you to resize your image; it could be removed without warning. We have received some questions over time about what is allowed in signatures. To clarify on this issue, we find the following acceptable: personal websites, help pages, etc. We do not allow you to advertise. If you have any further questions on this issue, please contact a staff member via PM.


Advertising is against the rules at the Forum. Any topic that contains advertising will be removed and you will receive a warning in this offence. We don't tolerate any topics that contain advertising. Do not advertise any type of service directly. You may suggest a service to another member, but you may not advertise directly.

Comments & Suggestions

Please keep all comments and suggestions to a minimum. We usually lock these topics for the simple fact that members will want to be aggressive and spam a topic on this subject. We will review all topics that may have comments and suggestions and choose the appropriate action.
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cominthru :: Obsessive, Sneezy, Customed, EB
EARAKE :: from stock EA to a Powerhouse EA!
scottiesxr8 :: The Your Mine XR8 Streeter!
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