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cominthru - Obsessive, Sneezy, Customed, EB


Obsessive, Sneezy, Customed, EB


The following is an interview carried by CruizinEB and Paul (cominthru),
This interview will give you an insight into how the "Obsessive, Sneezy, Customed, EB" got started, and also what is next for this stunning piece of machinery!!!

Why did you choose to buy an E-Series and More specific the EB?

I got given a price range from my parents and the EB was what about 5000k gets you about 4 years ago!

What was your EB like when you first got it?

A Monster Truck. The car didn't have a blemish on it when I first got it and which is probably why I babied it for so long and washed and polished every weekend. It also had tread on the tires when I first got it aswell.

What plans did you have for your EB in the beginning?

I knew nothing about cars and was quite happy to just get it lowered, with an exhaust and my stereo gear was the main addition that I had planned for it always had big sights of a big stereo.

What are your planed future modifications?
In the future I can see the turbo getting bigger! I would love to see some black leather interior but that's just a dream at the moment until I have a crack at an AU interior. I have some more mods on the cards which I should have completed before motorvation 08 being;

Respray, BA bonnet bulge, custom quarter panels, mouldings colour-coded, BA GT wheels, fiberglass boot install and engine dressed/cleaned up aswell.

When do you see the end of moding for your EB?
When I can stand back and look at it and just scratch my head. But at the moment its looking like my mods will never end as I always seem to find some inspiration to mod. Plus once one mod gets complete it using needs an additional mod soon after to bring everything together.

What would you say to someone that wants to build a performance car like yours?
Do some research first and don't just buy the first thing you see because otherwise you will end up doing things/paying for things twice in the longrun as this is kind of what happened to me and plus you will probably also buy things that aren't necessary…like as I had done myself.

Any other useful information you would like to add?
When moding be patient. A lot of mods require patience for them to come together right. Basically I've found that its best not to try rush mods as they will look/work a lot better if the times been put in! Customs! Checking out other cars not just the E-series which could bring more inspiration to adapt something to you car to make it stand out from the rest. Lets face it everyone likes to have something different about there car to give it that edge. Although moding isn't for everybody as some prefer sleeper/cruiser/streeter look everyone's going to be looking at different types of mods if any at all. Happy Moding Guys!


The Grunt Files :
At the moment running 190rwkw @ 7psi
¼ mile = n/a

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