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scottiesxr8 - The Your Mine XR8 Streeter!

The Your Mine XR8 Streeter!

The following is an interview carried by CruizinEB and Scottie (scottiesxr8),
This interview will give you an insight into how the "YOUR MINE" XR8 Streeter got started, and also what is next for this stunning pice of machinery!!!

Why did you chose to buy an E-Series and More specific the EB?

I chose a e series falcon because I have ford genes running through my veins, so I was defiantly going to get a ford or some sort, I chose the e series falcon because it fit my price range as the time, and is reliable, and they are a good looking car.

What was your EB like When you first got it?

My EB was stock when I bought it in April this year (2006), I ofcrouse thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but within weeks/months I got board and that's where all the mods started.

What plans did you have for your EB in the beginning?

In the beginning I decided I needed to lower it and a nice exhaust system, but after I had it a few months I decided I was gona go all the way with it, and now I'm concentrating on turning it into a show car.

What are your planed future modifications?
future mods is to finish my boot install, and then get my white leather/suede interior done. After this I will be chucking a 6 speed manual in it, and then start to make this v8 push some serious power

When do you see the end of moding for your EB?

There is never an end to modding a car, it's a matter of for how long will I keep it, I think I will keep it a while, the mods are never ending, and by the time I'm bored and it's time to move on, the car will be very hot.

What would you say to someone that wants to build a performance car like yours?

I would tell them to choose a car to best suit there main interest, for instance if u want to pull 12's or 11's then a x series falcon is the go, but if u want a nice streeter that has new age looks then a e series falcon is the way to go, and they are affordable too.

Any other useful information you would like to add?

yes, if I had my time again I would buy a ba xr6t, or would build a e series xr6 turbo, they have alot more potential once u have boost and u get better results for less money, plus the sound of boost is addictive...but then again so is a V8 falcon Thumbs Up!.


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